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Terms of Use

This Terms of Service apply to all uses of DiSEL (hereinafter referred as "this service").
By using this service you are agreeing to be bound by this Terms of Service.

If any part of these Terms of Service has been violated, we may prohibit the usage of this service without a prior notice.
Even in the case above, we will not refund any previous expenses.

In case of minors (under the age of 20) or persons with limited capacity,
the usage of this service is permitted only after getting a consent of a guardian or person with parental author.

Notifications, regualtions and rules regarding this service, that are notified through the application or website are considered as part of this Terms of Service.

Terms of Service
1. Purpose
2. Definition
3. Range of use and changes
4. Agreement on these Terms
5. User information and confidentality
6. Cancellation of user registration
7. Point
8. Unfair and illegal usage of the cooperating games
9. Set price
10. Use of KASEGE point sent from the cooperating games
11. License of Content
12. Providing Content
13. Content Prices
14. Content Rights
15. Sales fee
16. Taxes
17. Restriction of Use
18. Business responsibility and compensation
19. Termination or suspension of the cooperating games
20. Temporary suspension of this service
21. Disclaimer
22. Resignation
23. Governing law
24. Court of jurisdiction

1. Purpose
This Terms of Service (hereinafter refferred as "these Terms") determines the terms and conditions of this service operated/provided by Tapreal Inc. and ASOBIMO Inc. ("Company").
The user agrees to the terms of service based on the set of terms.

2. Definition
A "user" agrees on these Terms and has signed a contract with the Company and this service.
An "ID" refers to a combination of letters and numbers set by a user for user identification and usage of the service.
A "password" refers to a combination of letters and numbers set by a user to confirm user identity and protect user information.
An "item" refers to the in-game items by this service and the cooperating games.
"Purchaser" referst to a person who wishises to purchase items in this service.
"Seller" refers to a person who wishies to sell items in this service.
An "inventory" is a place where you can temporary store items purchased or sold through this service. Users can move items between the cooperating games and inventory.
"Cooperating games" are games that are available in this service and are operated by our company or other companies.
"Content" refers to digital contents that are provided or obtained by this service which includes copyrighted electronic books, music, bibliographical information, and all related information.
"Rights holder" refers to someone who holds the right to a license permission and contents related to this service (including but not limited to copyrights and other intellectual property rights).
"Provider" means a company, who is cooperating with the Company or this Service and provides content in this Service.
"Primary distribution" refers to the stage at which a provider provides the content and a member can obtain it.
"Secondary distribution" refers to the the stage at which the content that has passed primary distribution can be provided and obtained among members.
"Browsing" refers to the acts of viewing, using, and displaying digital content through this service for non-profit use by the members individually.
"Point" is used for payments in this service.
"Market Wallet" stores your Point to use in this service.
"KASEGE Point" can be obtained in the cooperating games and exchanged with Point in this Service.

3. Range of use and changes
1. These terms will be displayed on the website of this service (
2. The company can modify the terms under the following conditions.
(1) When changes to the terms of use are suitable for the common benefit of the members.
(2) When changes to the terms of use is reasonable for the necessity of change, the suitability of the detail changes, as well as the detail changes in light of other circumstances related to the change which do not violate the purpose of the contract agreement for the members.
3. With the changes in the previous clause, the company will post the changes being made to the terms of use, the details of the changes, and the effective date on our internet site ( this service. Notification shall be made in advance before the effective date of the changed terms of use.
4. If the member uses this service after the effective date of the changed terms of use, it will be deemed that the member has agreed to the changes to the terms of use.
5. The Company may decide to provide separate terms (hereinafter referred as "separate terms") in addition to these Terms concerning some specific services offered by the Company.
In the case that a separate terms is created, it will become part of these Terms.
In the case of a contradiction between the corresponding separate terms and these Terms, the corresponding separate terms will preferentially apply to the users using the service the corresponding separate terms refer to.

4. Agreement on these Terms
A person who intends to use this service shall sign a contract of use after agreeing with the contents of these Terms and register as a user.
A person fullfilling the requirements below is able to register as a user, but is not limited to this.

(1) All ages. However, those under the age of 20 must provide a consent from a legal representative such as parents or guardian.
(2) A person who has a valid e-mail address so that the Company can contact by e-mail.
(3) A person who does not use same information, such as e-mail address, as a user who has already joined.
(4) A person who has not violated any of the Terms described in article 17.

5. User information and confidentality
The Company handles the information users give when agreeing on the contract and income or recorded information related to the work concerning these Terms (hereinafter referred as “User Information”)
as determined in these Terms and separately in Privacy Policy.

The Company will not use User Information for purposes other than providing this service, nor disclose or provide it to third parties.
However, the user agrees on the usage and provision of the User Information regarding the following items.

1. The Company sends e-mails to the users
2. For the purpose of marketing, new service development, service improvement, the Company collects and analyzes the User Information, and creates a state to identify users when it is not normally possible.
3. The company may give some modified User Information to cooperating partners for their service improvement purposes.
4. If the Company finds out that a particular user has put another user or a third party at disadvantage, the User Information will be reported to the authorities concerned or other relating agencies.
5. The Company may disclose User Information due to a warrant issued by court, request for investigation or request from the relating government office.
6. The Company shall use or provide User Information after obtaining consent from the user.

6. Cancellation of user registration
The Company may cancel the user registration in case of the following

(1) When there is no User Information
(2) When the User Information has been transferred
(3) When a pledge or other collateral has been set to User Information
(4) When someone other than the user himself/herself is using this service
(5) When the same user registers multiple accounts for the purpose of transferring items between these accounts
(6) When illegally using or made to use an ID or password
(7) When payment service providers in use of our Service fails or cancels payments
(8) When conducting the prohibited act described in article 17
(9) When violating article 17
(10) When falling under article 17
(11) When the Company judges that the rights or interests of other users, the Company or a third party have been infringed
(12) Other cases when the Company judges that these Terms have been violated or there is a risk of such violation

When the user registration has been cancelled, it is not possible to do the following.
The users have given their consent regarding the cancellation or registration in advance, therefore we do not accept any objections.

・Item and content purchase or sale
・Browsing Content
・Transfer items between the cooperating games and inventory
・Point use and store

7. Point
Points can be used to sell and purchase items and other contents, and can be obtained through a specific payment method, by exchanging with Kasege point as defined in Article 10, and other free distribution.

You can purchase items or content by consuming a specified amount of the acquired Point.
Also, by selling items or contents, you can get Point for the price.

Users cannot cancel a Point payment, unless specifically prescribed by law or otherwise specified by the Company, and cannot return purchased items or content nor take back sold items or content.
Within a cerain range, Users can check details of their Point balance, purchase history and usage history from the history screen provided by the Company.

Please note that the Point will disappear 180 days after the date of acquisition.
When the Point move as an item or content is purchased or sold, services cooperating with the Company and this Service receive the fee specified in Article 15, and then the seller obtains the difference as Point. The difference Point will disappear 180 days after the date of purchase.

8. Unfair and illegal usage of the cooperating games
Items acquired by improper means or items acquired by fraud accounts in the cooperating games may be subject to restrictions on purchase, sale and transfer.
In this case, we will comply with the operator of the cooperating games and shall not determine individually in these Terms.

9. Set price
The prices of the items and contents shall be displayed in Point.
The payment for item and cotent trading shall be Point that users have in their Market Wallet.

10. Use of KASEGE point sent from the cooperating games
KASEGE point acquired from the cooperating games, that are sent to this service, can be exchanged for Point in this service at a rate separately prescribed, and the Point will be stored in the Market Wallet.
As prescribed in Article 2 and Article 7 of these Terms, the Point can be used for payments in this service.

The KASEGE point that have not been transferred from the cooperating games to this service, will apply to the terms of use or other terms and conditions in the cooperating games.
The exchange of the KASEGE point and Point in this service will apply to these terms and shall be subject to jurisdiction by the company or a business designated by the company.

Please note that there is a possibility that the exchange from KASEGE point to Point will be temporarily suspended due to the circumstances of the Company or the operator of the game where the Point are obtained. In this case we will hold no responsibility.

11. License of Content
The licenser accepts the following actions regarding Providers and Users.

・Provider sends content publicily through this Service.
・User browses, transfers and receives content through this Service.

12. Providing Content
If there is a need to replace or exchange the content managed by this Service due to a request from the licenser etc., the Company will take such actions without notifying Users in advance. In addition, this also applies to already purchased content.

We may suspend the sales of all or part of the contents at our discretion without prior notice to our Users. However, already purchased content may be viewed under the conditions specified by the Provider.

Users shall not provide, distribute, broadcast, lease, sublicense or otherwise provide any rights or part of the rights of content to third parties without going through this Service. In addition, the rights management system for content used in this Service or other functions related to content protection shall not be disabled or modified.

13. Content Prices
The Users shall accept the following regarding providing content.

When purchasing content in the primary distribution, the profit is distributed to the licenser based on conditions predetermined by the licenser.
When selling content in secondary distribution, profits, that were distributed in the primary to the licenser, can be set as minimum price.

14. Content Rights
When completing the download or access and payment of the corresponding fees (including applicable taxes), the Provider gives the Users non-exclusive browsing rights to view the content for non-profitable use in a form that is permitted as a part of this Service or as a leader application. Details of the browsing rights shall be presented at the time of content provision.

In addition, the content is provided by the Provider to the Users with the above-mentioned browsing rights, and all rights regarding the content other than the above mentioned browsing rights are not transferred.

The Provider may set individual rules for viewing the content, however, these Terms shall apply in case of a problem.

15. Sales fee
The following fees may be charged on item and content trade.

・Commission to the Company
・Commission to the cooperating services in this service.

The seller shall receive 【The price minus the fee deducted from the set price】.
The fee is included in the display price in advance, and the contents of the fee are separately described outside these Terms.

16. Taxes
Users will be charged taxes on item and content trade.
The consumption tax is included in the displayed price in advance,
and the seller is responsible for paying separate income taxes according to his/her own taxable income.

The Company shall have no obligation to fulfill accountability in advance concerning the tax payment that each user may bear.
For tax consultation, please contact the National Tax Agency or other relevant authorities.

17. Restriction of Use
Users shall not do any of the following.
In addition, if actions falling under any of the following are confirmed, the Company can cancel the user registration and can claim for damages according to discretion.

(1) Use this service with an illegal purpose.
(2) Act that violates privacy or rights of a third party, or if there is a risk of such violation.
(3) Act of discriminating or slandering a third party, or damaging the honor or trust of another person.
(4) Impersonating as a real or imaginary third party.
(5) Selling items that violate rights such as copyright.
(6) Selling items obtained by illegal means such as fraud.
(7) Selling items obtained by improper or dishonest means.
(8) Trading that could result in or be linked to crimes such as fraud.
(9) Exhibiting a harmful computer program and making it possible for other people to receive it.
(10) Illegally acquiring, tampering or deleting information about this service.
(11) An act that interferes with the server or network system of this service.
(12) Use of BOTs, cheat tools or other technical methods in this service.
(13) Intentional use of bugs or defects of this service.
(14) In addition to each of the above, acts that violate laws and regulations, these Terms or public order and morals (prostitution, violence, inhumanity) and acts that interfere the operation of this service.
(15) Violating the property of the Company and putting other people or the Company at disadvantage.
(16) Act of transferring or using the rights that you have as a member of this service to a third party, as well as the creation of a pledge or providing collateral.
(17) Other acts that the company deems unfit.

18. Business responsibility and compensation
In connection with the use of this service, any direct damage towards the users that is caused by the Company's intention or a serious error,
will be compensated. The maximum of the compensation will be the monthly fee for the last month paid by the user for this service (indirect damage, such as lost profit or resulted damage will not be subject to compensation.)

The Company will not be responsible for any of the following.

(1) In the case of any dispute due to a problem caused by a purchaser or a seller.
(2) In the case of any dispute due to a problem caused by the item and content.
(3) In the case of any dispute due to a problem arising from the partner company's discretion.
(4) When the user's items and contents are lost or damaged outside the range of our responsibility.
(5) In the case of any dispute due to a problem arising from the use of payment service.
(6) In the case of any dispute occurred due to a problem that the Company can not manage or get involved with.

19. Termination or suspension of the cooperating games
We may set restrictions in relation to the cooperating games on item purchase, item sales, item transfer in the following cases.
In the following cases, we shall comply with the corresponding game's operator and shall not determine individually by these terms.

・If the game service is terminated at the discretion of the cooperating game's operator.
・If the partnership of this service and game service is cancelled at our discretion.

In addition, we shall not be responsible in the above cases when the exchange of KASEGE point and Point may be restricted.

20. Temporary suspension of this service
In the case of any of the following, the Company may temporarily suspend the operation of this service or the website of this service partly or fully without prior notice to the users.

(1) When maintaining, inspecting, reparing or changing the system of this service at fixed intervals or in case of emergency.
(2) In the case when it's difficult to provide this service due to fires, power outage, earthquakes, eruptions, floods, tsunamis or other natural disasters.
(3) When it's not posssible to provide this service due to war, disturbance, riots, conflicts, strikes etc.
(4) In the case when this service can not be operated due to destruction of the system by third parties or interference (including alteration and destruction of data and source code).
(5) In the case when the Company judges a temporary suspension necessary.
(6) Based on this article, the Company is not responsible for any disadvantage or damage incurred by users or other third parties despite this service being suspended.

21. Disclaimer
The Company shall not bear any responsibility to users of this service for all damages excluding the scope of our business responsibilities as stipulated in article 17 and shall have no obligation to compensate for such damages.
If a user of this service damages other users or third parties by using this service and the Company suffers damage, the Company will demand appropriate damages towards the user in question.
The Company shall not be obliged to compensate for any damages regardless of the reason, such as deletion of User Information, suspension or deletion of usage qualification, suspension or discontinuation of this service.

22. Resignation
Registered users can resign of their own free will.
After resigning it will not be possible to do the following.

・Item and content purchase or sale
・Browsing Content
・Transfer items between the cooperating games and inventory
・Point use and store

After the resignation procedure, we will delete all registration information of the user, unless otherwise specified by laws and regulations,
and when the procedure has completed, it is not possible to register again.

The resignation procedure will be conducted with the consent of the registered user who wishes to resign.

23. Governing law
All governing laws relating to these Terms apply to the laws of Japan.

24. Court of jurisdiction
In case of a lawsuit between a user and the Company, it will be resolved by the jurisdiction of the District Court or Summary Court located near the Company's head office.

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